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Tomorrows Anglers fishing tournament "Fish Quest" is designed to allow selected kids the opportunity to experience a tournament style format of fishing. Utilizing tournament, fishing clubs members, and experienced amateur anglers as volunteer Captains. You don't need to be a guide, just an angler with patience and understanding. The "Tournament" is set-up for kids ages 9-17 whom are to be accompanied by one of their legal parents or guardian. The guardian will be a bystander only, unless they are the "Captain". If you are an angler and you want to mentor your own child, you will need to fill out both forms. If you would like to "mentor" a relative, such as a grandchild, niece, or nephew, their legal guardian must be present at the launch to sign off and approve of the event. If you have a certain child with whom you would like to fish, please fill out both forms and attach them together. We allow a maximum of 4 people per boat, the "Captain", the legal guardian, an Observer, and only 1 child, unless we have 2 children from the same family and we don’t have enough Captains. The time on the water will be approximately 5-6 hours. You are allowed to bring 3 fish back to the boat launch which will be brought up to the stage. The other fish will be CPR (Catch Photo Released) and put on a score card. Our goal is to have every child walk across the tournament stage with fish! There will be an actual "weigh in” and the fish will be scored by a length conversion to weight. All Captains and kids will be interviewed on stage. We will have door prizes for the Captains and prizes for the kids, so everyone wins. All Captains applications will be picked on a first come basis. Kids will be picked by a drawing unless they have been attached to a Captain's application. You will be notified prior to the event the name and age of the child whom you will be taking fishing. Every child will be required to wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD at all times. Everyone in the boat will be required to wear their PFD when under power. It will be the responsibility of the "Captain" to supply a PFD for everyone onboard their vessel. Kids have been asked to bring a lifejacket if they own one. The limit is 50 boats, so get your application in today! You will be notified as to the time of the sign in and a Pre-tournament meeting.

(Check all those that apply. The answers to these questions will help us pair you with a child)



THIS HOLD HARMLESS AGREMENT (the "Agreement") is made as of 07/16/2017 by and between Tomorrows Anglers/Fish Quest as the person or entity receiving indemnity (hereinafter referred to as the "Indemnitee"), located in the State of Wisconsin, and , as the person or entity bound to provide and/or protect the Indemnitee (hereinafter referred to as the "Indemnitor"), located at , , , and at times the Indemnitee or Indemnitor may be referred to as the "Party" or may be collectively referred to as the "Parties."

WHEREAS, the Indemnitor desires and wishes to hold harmless and indemnify the Indemnitee and its successors and assigns from any and all liabilities, losses, claims, judgments, suits, fines, penalties, demands or expenses, including, but not limited to, all reasonable costs for defense and investigation thereof (including but not limited to attorney's fees, court costs and expert fees) claimed by anyone by reason of injury or damage to persons or property sustained in or around Tomorrows Anglers/Fish Quest Fishing Tournament July 16th. A morning of mentoring kids to learn to fish. Children ages 9-17 are paired with a Captain guide boat and taken out with parent or legal guardian on the Lake Winnebago chain in Oshkosh Wisconsin as a proximate result of the acts or omissions of the Indemnitee, its agents, successors and assigns or arising out of the operation or actions of the Indemnitee upon or about Tomorrows Anglers/Fish Quest Fishing Tournament July 16th. A morning of mentoring kids to learn to fish. Children ages 9-17 are paired with a mentor guide boat and taken out with parent or legal guardian on the Lake Winnebago Chain in Oshkosh Wisconsin, except when such liability may result from the sole negligence of the Indemnitee, its officers, directors, agents, servants, and/or employees; provided however, that upon the filing of any claim with the Indemnitor for damages arising out of incidents for which the Indemnitee herein agrees to hold Indemnitor harmless, then and in that event the Indemnitor shall notify Indemnitee of such claim and Indemnitee shall have the right to settle, compromise, and/or defend the same.

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