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About Tomorrow's Anglers

Tomorrow's Anglers Fish Quest Tournament is a nonprofit event, which was conceived for the sole purpose of promoting fishing through a youth tournament whose format is modeled off real professional fishing circuits. A child and his or her parent are paired with a professional angler in a fully rigged boat for a day on the water learning and catching fish. The day concludes with each child coming to a stage with his catch where he will have his fish weighed-in, describe his day in an interview, and hold his catch up for the crowd. This grand scale event promises to be an unforgettable day for each child. Generous prizes have been donated and will be awarded to the children.

2015 was the inception of this wonderful event and, after only one year, overwhelming support and enthusiasm has led to the formation of a Board of Directors to ensure the future of Tomorrow's Anglers. Dedicated and generous industry leading corporations, professional fisherman, individual sponsors, and volunteers who want to share in providing a tournament style event otherwise reserved for only the top professional anglers have made this tremendous opportunity for our future anglers possible again in 2018.

The Tomorrow’s Anglers Fish Quest Directing Board invites your participation in this incredible 2018 opportunity on July 15.

More information contact the Director of Marketing and Public Relations- Bret Uptagraft at 920-312-4993

Latest News

Our New Presenting Sponsor Alumacraft


Tommorow's Anglers is proud introduce Alumacraft as new presenting sponsor for the 2018 Fish Quest Kid's Fishing Tournament. Alumacraft is celebrating a 65 year tradition of high quality fishing boats, our aluminum boats that are better built, a better ride and are far more affordable than any other.

MidWest Outdoors TV Line Up

MidWest Outdoors TV Line Up

Tomorrow's Anglers: A Huge Success


Child Registration

Tomorrows Anglers fishing tournament “Fish Quest” is designed to allow selected kids, ages 9-17, the opportunity to experience a tournament style format of fishing.

  • Ages 9-17
  • Accompanied by one of their legal parents or a legal guardian
  • The legal guardian must be present in the boat at all times during this event
  • Time on the water will be approximately 5-6 hours
  • Allowed to bring 3 fish back to the boat launch and will be brought up to the stage
  • For more information please read the Child Sign up Form.

2018 Registration is CLOSED. The following is a list of all kids that are selected at this time. WE WILL WORK TO SECURE MORE CAPTAINS-WE HAVE ROOM FOR 20 MORE KIDS AND THEY WILL BE ASSIGNED AS WE SECURE CAPTAINS! WE WILL UPDATE FACEBOOK EVERY SATURDAY WITH ANY NEW KIDS SELECTED. If anyone on the list cannot attend, please let us know so we can assign another child.

  • Michael Medinger
  • Logan Andrew Last
  • Grayson Sommer
  • Luke Hoffman
  • Morgan Lewis
  • Mara Radditz
  • Colby neumann
  • Kaiya Capitonoff
  • Evan Stribiak
  • Mason Neerhof
  • Nathan Iloncaie
  • Jaren Alfuth
  • Michael Budzynski
  • Katelyn Gatchel
  • Payton Uptagraft
  • Sawey Kluck
  • Bardy Kluck
  • Allison Bender
  • Dawson Doyle
  • Chase Wondra
  • Amelia Parks
  • Bryonna Parks
  • Samuel Springob
  • Levi Wolf
  • Jack Ginter
  • Karter Konkol
  • Maxim Wise
  • Malachi Jacobs
  • Ava Lorenz
  • Cole Pannier
  • Charles Davis
  • Samuel Davis
  • Donnie Hilgart
  • Colby Nuemann
  • Sam Brockhaus
  • Maxwell Brockhaus
  • Gracie Lyn Tucker
  • Gabriel Tucker
  • Phoenix Dohr
  • Benjamin Boro
  • Tristan Flyte
  • Taylor Flyte
  • Marcus hagen
  • Elsa Hagen
  • Callen Lusic
  • Maddie Lusic
  • Reece Stormoen
  • Claytn Stormoen
  • Maximus Vespalec
  • Josh Gergen
  • Matthew Steffen
  • Alec Durbin
  • Ava Freund
  • Elijah Burrous
  • Tanner Cambell

Captain Registration

Interested being a captain? You don't need to be a guide, just an angler with patience and understanding.

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